How to design fog harvesting and dew harvesting collection system

Fog collection refers to the collection of water from fog using large pieces of vertical canvas to make the fog condense into droplets of water and flow down towards a trough below the canvas.

A fog fence or fog collector is an apparatus for collecting liquid water from fog, using a fine mesh or array of parallel wires.
Proposed geometries include linear, similar to a fence and cylindrical.
It has the advantage of being passive, requiring no external energy source to perform its collection.
This makes it attractive for deployment in less developed areas. An ideal location for fog fences is high arid areas near cold offshore currents, where fog is common.
A related, but quite distinct, technique of obtaining atmospheric moisture is the air well.

Fog-catching nets offer hope for parched villages.
Parched communities around the world are turning to fog-catching nets to harvest hundreds of gallons of water a day.
Fog catching devices, which resemble volleyball nets and are made of a porous, agricultural plastic mesh which traps the water droplets in the fog, can be an effective solution to the widespread problems of meagre or unclean supplies.
A single 13ft long by 33ft high net alone can collect 66 gallons of water a day, sufficient for a family's needs. The water, which is pure and does not need to be filtered, runs down into troughs and then via pipes into a holding tank.
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